KS-plus e.V., friends and supporters of Kirpal Sagar's charitable institutions and activities

KS-plus was founded in March 2017 by eight people from Germany, Croatia and Austria as an association under German law and entered into the register of associations in May. The statutes were checked by the tax office in Passau, as a result KS-plus e.V. is recognized as non-profit and charitable, which has the pleasant effect for donors that the donations are recognized by the tax office as tax-reducing. In return, KS-plus e.V. provides the tax office in Passau with a comprehensive account of its activities.


In the agricultural sector we support the Austrian association “help4life”, which has proven expertise in this field.

KS-plus e.V. is conceived as a fundraising association with its own activities. For the charitable institutions and activities of Kirpal Sagar, which is supported by a charitable association under Indian law, we collect donations and contribute ourselves locally.

Close and trusting cooperation with the management of the executing agency is very important to us. Without this, no sustainable development is conceivable. At the same time, there are numerous contacts in the individual working areas and organisational levels of the hospital and the schools, which is invaluable when it comes to project implementation, financing and proof of funds. The aspect of “helping people to help themselves” is at the centre of all our efforts.

As we are active abroad, documents from the Indian tax authorities, the Indian sponsor of Kirpal Sagar or his authorised representative are used. Money from abroad is subject in India to strict rules of financial supervision, which is located directly with the Indian Federal Government.

Our competencies in the team:

Medicine and psychology

School education, adult education, studies and language

Business management including economic and medical controlling

Law including international law and association law

Installation law (water, waste water, heating, sustainable energies)

Data processing and programming, consulting



We arrange contacts and provide conceptual and organisational support. Our focus is on the health sector, the education of children and adults, and to a lesser extent the promotion of the use of alternative energies.

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Dental Unit inaugurated

On 03 February 2019, the new dental treatment unit at the hospital was inaugurated. Within a few months, the old reception of the bed wing, which was no longer needed, was converted into a modern dental treatment room. A dentist from the next town is ready...

Medical Camp

On February 03 a medical camp took place next to the hospital. Already weeks before, the population in the villages of the nearer and further surroundings was made aware of it by means of posters and loudspeaker announcements and invited.Specializations...

mobile solar panel

The mobile solar system has passed the first test.The modules are stowed compactly on the trailer for transport and are taken to the place of use with the tractor, where the two panel supports are unfolded via a rail system similar to a drawer, connection...

Water tank renovated

In recent weeks the central water tower in Kirpal Sagar has been renovated and the large pump, which pumps water from a depth of 80 metres, has recently been largely powered by solar power.

Solar energy for waterpumps

In summer, without irrigation, not much works in northern India.Traditionally, diesel pumps are used for this purpose, and electric pumps are now also available on the market. Instead of laying expensive long cables or installing overhead lines in the fields to supply...

rich vegetable harvest

Today we received pictures from this year's vegetable harvest. After some trials last year, a larger area was cultivated with eggplants this year, with success, as you can see.

dental chair arrived

A used dental chair recently arrived at Kirpal Sagar Hospital. It had already been expected for some time and is now to find its place in the bed wing. Preparations for the installation had already taken place in the course of the year, now it is about the...

excursion to hospital

In classes 11 and 12, the Academy offers several branches, including the "medical branch", which prepares students for scientific and medical studies. Today, 11th grade students were in the hospital to get to know further measures in addition to first aid....

first aid instruction from abroad

Madhu Aeri, principal Ma'am of the Academy, the IT teacher and about 20 students of the 12th grade were visible on the screen. Today the first distance learning unit from Germany was to take place. One year before most of them had taken part in the course...

first solar panels working

On 31 August, the first solar panels were put into operation on the roofs of the Academy and the boarding school buildings after the feed-in permit of the electricity grid operator had finally been received. In December 2017 KS-plus had taken over a part...