excursion to hospital

excursion to hospital

In classes 11 and 12, the Academy offers several branches, including the “medical branch”, which prepares students for scientific and medical studies. Today, 11th grade students were in the hospital to get to know further measures in addition to first aid. One of the nurses guided the group through the admission ward. Practical exercises were then held, including taking the blood pressure.


first aid instruction from abroad

first aid instruction from abroad

Madhu Aeri, principal Ma’am of the Academy, the IT teacher and about 20 students of the 12th grade were visible on the screen. Today the first distance learning unit from Germany was to take place. One year before most of them had taken part in the course for first aid. Thus the tension was large, which would be from the learned still ready.

The highlight was an emergency call simulation, which showed how important it is to keep a cool head. All the necessary information could be communicated to the employee at the other end of the phone, and the settings were then optimized together. In perspective, the system also allows the integration of presentations and video clips, interesting options for better illustration.

Academy awarded

Academy awarded

Kirpal Sagar Academy among the 500 best schools (out of 18.000 participating Indian schools) in the categories “best day school with boarding school” and “innovative school methods”. Certificate presentation by brain feed on 24 February 2018 in Chadigarh. Congratulations !

workshop students save lifes

workshop students save lifes

October 25th 2017

The last voting talks with the Academy for the first aid course are in progress. The course is planned for 11th and 12th grade students attending the medical branch.

28th October to 30th October (noon)

We are participating as spectators and guests of honour in a U19 fully-elimination tournament for schools from eastern Punjab. This year it will be hosted by the Kirpal Sagar Academy. The tournament will be opened by the highest administrator of the SBS Nagar district, which has 180 schools. During the welcoming speech, Academy Chairman Mr. Karamjit Singh Virk reported that a first aid workshop for grades 10 to 12 will take place at the Academy in the following days. There will be a lively exchange during the opening game. The official thinks the idea of learning first aid at school is great. She already has concrete plans to include such training in her area of responsibility in the curriculum, which includes 180 schools. This was all the more astonishing, since here in Germany, for example, the University of Regensburg has been trying for a long time with much commitment and in vain to include revival as obligatory content in the curriculum of Bavarian schools.

After exciting matches, the winner of the 11 participating girls’ teams has been announced on 29 October.  The highlight on 30.10. is the final match of the 16 boys’ teams.

30th October (after lunch)

The theoretical part with rescue chain, emergency call, blood loss, shock, unconsciousness and resuscitation takes place in the auditorium. There about 200 pupils of the classes 10 to 12 expect the lecture in English language.

31st October

Today in parallel in up to 6 groups the classes are practiced, repeated and explained intensively. 6 trainers and instructors are in action. As a stroke of luck it turns out that there are 2 school paramedics in the instructor team. Exercises and explanations by peers are the best after the theoretical unit of the previous day. The director of the academy notices this quickly and plans to exhibit a school medical group in the near future. Exercises on emergency call, stable lateral position and resuscitation take up a lot of space on this day. At the end we show the director a short presentation about the school medical service at the home school.

1st November

Class by class is repeated and practiced again. This time the focus is on hemostasis and shock care. At the end the knowledge is checked and improved if necessary.

2nd November

After two classes, which were no longer available the day before, the ninth classes plus further younger pupils follow, a good 60 in number. They had already been taught about disaster control before.

3rd November

At the debriefing at the Academy’s directorate, we hand over the certificates of attendance and receive letters of thanks, also for the home school. The first indian parents had already contacted the headmistress, whose children had enthusiastically reported on the course. An Indian newspaper reported.

All in all an overwhelming experience for us.