Projects: Education

together with the Kirpal Sagar Academy

Education projects of KS-Plus support in schools and in adult education as well. They focus on expanding and deepening the range of services on offer – a plus in education.

Workshops First Aid

    • First aid is a blessing where rescue services are thin on the ground. The Academy set the target for 2017 that the students of the medical branch of +1 and +2 should be taught first aid in First Aid-Courses. That was indeed a furious start in October ! At the moment we are collecting for more practice material.

Solar Energy for School

    • Electricity is needed for many things in a school. In the medium term, it should come largely from solar power. A project for this was launched in 2017. In addition to energetic help, we also collect money for it.

Extending the school building

    • A good indoor climate supports learning. Twice a year, the monsoon brings large amounts of rain and thus great challenges. KS-plus supports the physically healthy expansion of the facilities and buildings to the best of its ability. In 2018 we will start with music.

    • Integration of foreign lecturers: together with the Academy and the Indian provider, we want to expand the distance learning system so that foreign schools and teachers can also participate,
    • Further content is integrated into the distance learning system for this purpose.
    • School exchanges, international school projects like the P-Seminar of the Gymnasium Freyung in the school year 2019/2021 and school partnerships in perspective are mediated and supported.

Waymarks and Events

Roof repair (academy cum hostel)

3.000 € were sent in March to Kirpal Sagar. The money will be spent for the repair and tightening of the roofs of the academy and the hostels. In the meanwhile the major part of the work is done although the shut-down due to corona-virus stopped the efforts at last.

Delicious Meals

In the new “cultural heritage” centre, a one-day workshop in traditional culinary art took place…

Cross Run

After the heat of the summer had become bearable in the meantime, the first cross-country race…

Seminar agreed

For the new section of the Upper School 2019/2021 at the Gymnasium Freyung in Germany…

New Management at the Academy

For the new school year Madhu Aeri, the former Principal of the Academy, was bid farewell…

Excursion to Hospital

In classes 11 and 12, the Academy offers several branches, including the “medical branch”, which prepares students for…

First Aid Instruction from Abroad

Madhu Aeri, principal Ma’am of the Academy, the IT teacher and about 20 students of the 12th grade…

Accredition Open School

On 10 March, the National Institue of Open Schooling in Delhi announced that vocational training courses in Kirpal Sagar…

Academy awarded

Good education is highly valued by Indian parents. Comparative tests are frequent and popular. In an India-wide comparison, in which 18,000 schools…

Agricultural Trade Fair

In Kirpal Sagar, a trade fair with a series of lectures on the subject of sustainable agriculture took place in November, one highlight being the presentation

2018 were carried out and completed:

  • Start of distance learning: first unit of first aid instruction on 25 October 2018.

2017 were carried out and completed:

  • Purchase of two resuscitation dolls for schools and hospital (donation in kind October 2017)
  • Conduction of the workshop Pupils save lives, where 250 pupils learned first aid in October/November 2017
  • Guest stay of 2 students in October/November at the Academy

Projects: Education

together with the College of Education
  • punktuell Guest lectures and workshops (since 2011*)

*by members of KS-plus e.V. before it was founded in 2017

Projects: Education

vocational training

Open School

Preparation of teaching contents for the Open School (guest lectures, workshops on technical techniques, planning and financing of a 6-month qualification measure for sanitary installer assistants by KS-plus together with the Schmitz Foundations). The Open School is a programme that offers opportunities for postgraduate training at several levels.

  • point-specific Transfer of specialist knowledge and expertise (since 1990*)

*by members of KS-plus e.V. before it was founded in 2017