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Upgrade of sanitary facilities

For some time now, the small building at the organic fields has been part of the teaching operation. Many visitors now come there to see integrated farming and circular economy in practice on a small area. This is an interesting...

Organic farming bears fruit

After turmeric roots in organic quality In March, the first organic apples could be harvested in April. By means of flowering plants, pollinating insects were offered a food basis beforehand. Since mid-May, courgettes and peppers have been diligently harvested from...

Road to Kirpal Sagar renewed

The narrow connection from Kirpal Sagar to the road towards Rahon and Nawanshar, which passes through the villages of Daryapur and Khalon, was already very old.  The monsoon and increasing agricultural traffic had taken a toll on it and it had already disintegrated in...

New Ranch Tunnels for Climbing Vegetables

The new ranch tunnels are progressing despite the Conora curfew. Instead of the planned wire mesh mats, which among other things are to provide support for cucumber plants, linen is being used temporarily, as otherwise no more cultivation would have been possible...

Care Packs apprechiated

The care packages are gratefully accepted. Instead of giving something once, Kirpal Sagar has decided to help several times. The transporters are on the road every few days.

Care Packs Delivered

On April 5th care packs were delivered in the surroundings of Kirpal Sagar, containing basic stuff like wheat and vegetables.

Support packages in Corona Times

Support packages in Corona Times

The India-wide curfew has triggered a migration of people. Many migrant workers from the cities can no longer feed themselves there and return to the villages mainly on foot. The markets have collapsed, agricultural products are hardly available or do not reach the...

Sutlej run wild

Sutlej run wild

For weeks, heavy rainfall in the Himalayas had caused rivers to swell to such an extent that dams overflowed and threatened to break. The authorities had to open the floodgates, resulting in flooding of the lower reaches of the river. Many were left homeless, much of...

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