Projects with the Hospital

slit lamp for eye-examination

The Kirpal Sagar Charitable Hospital has been treating eye diseases for many years. Initially, teams came from outside the hospital to examine the eyes and operate on the cataract, which was very common there, as a simple cataract stab followed by magnifying glasses. Then came the change to implantable artificial lenses, which were used for several years. In the meantime, surgery is only allowed nationwide if an ophthalmologist is permanently on site. Unfortunately, this is not possible for smaller hospitals. So many ophthalmologists are not available. So at the moment “only” is still examined and then further referred if necessary. For the examination a flashlight is better than nothing, but the cornea and lens as well as the back of the eye can be examined much easier with a slit lamp. Money was collected for this and the device was purchased in 2018 for 1,500 €. The screening examinations are carried out by an orthoptist on site. The hospital mainly treats people in need free of charge or for a small fee. This means that no instruments can be purchased, so that donations are necessary.

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