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waste water concept

Kirpal Sagar has grown quite a bit since its foundation in 1982. The two schools, the boarding school, the flats for teachers, workers and employees, the canteen kitchen, the hospital, there is a lot of waste water coming together. Some of the buildings have 3-chamber pits, which are not ideal during the monsoon season with the floods. Other buildings have something like a simple reed bed treatment plant. On the land it is usual to collect waste water in open channels and to lead it to a pond outside the settlement, alternatively into a river or brook. In addition to overfertilisation and odour aspects, the hygienic aspect should not be neglected. Sewage ponds are true mosquito paradises, which do not exactly facilitate the fight against malaria. They are also ideal breeding grounds for infections of the digestive organs (dysentery, cholera, typhoid fever and many more) and an environmentally friendly solution is challenging, not least because of the climatic conditions. Not everything that sounds good in theory works in practice. Here we have to drive around a lot with our eyes open, gather information in order to develop a viable concept in the first step. From a sustainability point of view, it is good that the schools and the “Open School” adult education project offer opportunities for multipliers. A practical example can be used to explain environmental protection in much more detail and to show the effects. The educational institutions will also include wastewater treatment in their plans.

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