KS-plus Project: Dataprocessing at Kirpal Sagar Hospital (EDP)

Dataprocessing (EDP)  is a key process at Kirpal Sagar Hospital, too, which has to be dependable.

EDP – the Challenge

Because a hospital has many different document types that are created and stored in different locations, the task is complex. Personal patient data is merged with examination results, diagnoses and treatments, and findings and x-rays are ideally made available. In the past, everything was packed into folders and stored in the archive. The challenge now is to bring together everything that belongs to a patient, no matter where it originated in the hospital or at what time.

For specialized commercial solutions, one is quickly in the range of several 100,000 euros alone for the acquisition. In addition, there are high ongoing expenses for licenses and, above all, for the training of the company’s own employees and the establishment of a correspondingly efficient IT department.

Solutions at the Kirpal Sagar Hospital

For smaller institutions with a small budget, open source programs are an alternative, provided they can be adapted to the needs. In the search for suitable open source programs for a hospital information system, we have come across some promising approaches. It was clear that the first step would be to rebuild existing IT systems and gradually replace paper-based recording and archiving at Kirpal Sagar Hospital. It also goes without saying that this can only be done in close cooperation with the staff on site.

Concrete implementation, long-term IT concept

In the next step, in 2018, a first prototype of the user interface of the program was created, with which one then wanted to go on further searches.

In February 2019, a first comparison and further detailed work on the drafts took place on site in the hospital. The challenge is to keep the overall structure so clear and concise that normally qualified IT specialists are sufficient on site to operate and solve the frequent problems.

Our team is at present still small, exhibits however already substantial components of the extent. Our programming specialist is professionally active in program and organizational development in Germany. From Indian side the EDP of the Kirpal Sagar Academy is also in the boat, likewise the hospital administration management. Finally, medical, medical and nursing aspects as well as basics from quality management are incorporated via our German project officer for the hospital.

The current programming status is regularly compared with the requirements and existing workflows on site in India.

In the meantime, the open-source project has progressed so far that it already has a page on the github information platform, where the requirements, the individual steps and what is still outstanding are described. Help is always welcome.

In a further step we plan to have the existing system examined by a specialized external company, also in order to avoid operational blindness – a decisive step especially at the beginning of a project.

How can you help yourself?

Programming affine helpers are welcome to eliminate themselves. Just use our link to github. So you come directly to our programming professional.

If you want to get involved in organizational development, please use our contact form. If you want to know how things will continue, we will be happy to keep you up to date on the latest developments in the same way.

If you want to contribute financially, you can use the link to the donation platform betterplace as well as our account data in the footer menu.


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