KS-plus Project: Photovoltaik at Kirpal Sagar Hospital

Photovoltaik at Kirpal Sagar Hospital can cover major part of its energy demands.

Energy Demands:

For light, computers, medical equipment, cooling in summer and later perhaps also heating in winter, for much electric current is necessary. Because even a power failure must not stop the work in the Kirpal Sagar Hospital, an emergency power generator is needed. Fossil fuels are currently unavoidable here. The basic load is different. Renewable energy sources can very well make an important contribution here, because they are supplemented by the public power grid.

Solution: Photovoltaik at Kirpal Sagar Hospital

In the medium term, a large part of the electricity is to come from solar power. Existing roofs, which must be sealed beforehand, are ideal for installation. So no valuable agriculturally usable soil is built up with photovoltaics. Even if the installation on roofs is more complex and somewhat more expensive – soil should be preserved as the basis of life for plants, animals and people wherever possible. In 2017, a project for roof renovation and installation of solar panels was initiated in Kirpal Sagar, which has since been realised on some roofs with a peak output of 700 kWpeak.

How Can You Help?

In addition to energetic help, we at KS-plus collect money for this, because considerable financial resources are needed. The donation form of betterplace as well as the account data of KS-plus in the footer are at your disposal.

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