projects: education

together with the Kirpal Sagar Academy


    • First aid is a blessing where rescue services are thin on the ground. The Academy set the target for 2017 that the students of the medical branch of +1 and +2 should be taught first aid. That was indeed a furious start in October ! At the moment we are collecting for more practice material.
    • Electricity is needed for many things in a school. In the medium term, it should come largely from solar power. A project for this was launched in 2017. In addition to energetic help, we also collect money for it.


    • The monsoon brings large amounts of rain twice a year. KS-plus does its utmost to support the renovation and maintenance of the facilities and buildings. In 2018 we start in the music sector.


    • Together with the Academy and the Indian provider, we also want to expand the distance learning system so that foreign schools and teachers can also participate,
    • integrate further content into the distance learning system,
    • to mediate student exchanges and school partnerships in perspective.

2017 were carried out and completed:

  • Purchase of two resuscitation dolls for schools and hospital (donation in kind October 2017)
  • Conduction of the workshop Pupils save lives, where 250 pupils learned first aid in October/November 2017
  • Guest stay of 2 students in October/November at the Academy

2018 were carried out and completed:

  • Start of distance learning: first unit of first aid instruction on 25 October 2018.

projects: education

together with the College of Education


  • punktuell Guest lectures and workshops (since 2011*)

*by members of KS-plus e.V. before it was founded in 2017

  • point-specific Transfer of specialist knowledge and expertise (since 1990*)

*by members of KS-plus e.V. before it was founded in 2017