Projects: Health

together with the Hospital in Kirpal Sagar
    • The hospital received a dental treatment unit at the beginning of 2019. KS-plus provided the financial means to expand a room and to install a used dental treatment unit. We are currently collecting funds for the expansion of the equipment. In the medium term, a mobile drilling unit is to extend the radius of action.
    • The monsoon brings large amounts of rain twice a year. KS-plus does its utmost to support the renovation and maintenance of the facilities and buildings. In 2018 we want to start with the drainage and the sealing of the flat roofs.

    • Advice on upgrading data processing (since 2014*), search for suitable open source programs (hospital information system). These are designed for large hospitals and require extensive adaptation, which is why a simple, tailor-made solution is envisaged. The first drafts of the program’s user interface were presented on site in 2019, and many other organizational processes were integrated into the concept. In a first step, the existing administration system is to be replicated on a modern database basis. In a second step, additional functions will be integrated in close cooperation with the management and the employees on site.
  • *by members of KS-plus e.V. before it was founded in 2017
    • Project planning of a photovoltaic system on the bed wing (since 2015*)
  • *by members of KS-plus e.V. before it was founded in 2017
    • current reporting about the hospital, also about the health service in India
    • help with the employment of the mobile hospital of the partner organization BSK Welfare Society, occupied with personnel of the hospital
    • advice and project planning of the further development of the functional wing (since 2012*)
    • consultation with the long-term hospital planning (since 1992*)
  • *by members of KS-plus e.V. before it was founded in 2017

The Hospital today from above, and the next steps…

2017 were carried out and completed:

  • Ventilation training on November 2, 2017 with nurses of the emergency room
  • Establishment of a brochure about the hospital in 2017, print 1st edition September 2017
  • Purchase of two resuscitation dolls for the hospital and the schools (donation in kind October 2017)

2018 were performed and completed:

  • Purchase of a slit lamp for eye examinations in hospital, February
  • Contribution of funds to the new dental unit

2019 were carried out and completed:

  • Installation of the new dental treatment unit (inauguration February 2019)


    • Abklärung der rechtlichen Rahmenbedingungen beim Einsatz ausländischer Ärzte und Pflegekräfte
    • Abklärung der Fördermöglichkeiten durch ausländische Stiftungen und öffentliche Einrichtungen