Projects with the Hospital

data processing

Data processing is a central point in a hospital that must function reliably. Personal data is merged with examination results, diagnoses, treatments, and, ideally, findings brought along are also made available. For commercial solutions, the acquisition costs are quickly in the range of several 100,000 euros. In addition, there are high current expenses. For smaller institutions with a small budget, open source programs are an alternative, provided they can be adapted to the needs. In the search for suitable open source programs for a hospital information system, we have come across a few promising approaches. The next step was to create a first prototype of the program’s user interface in 2018. In February 2019, a first comparison and further detailed work on the drafts took place on site in the hospital. The challenge is to keep the overall structure so clear and concise that normally qualified IT specialists on site are sufficient to operate and solve the frequent problems. In the meantime, there is already a small page on github for the open-source project, where the requirements, the individual steps and what is still outstanding are described. In a further step we plan to have the existing system examined by a specialized external company, also to avoid operational blindness – especially at the beginning of a project a decisive step.

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