We are deeply convinced that the best projects of international understanding and tolerance are those in which one does not recognize that they are projects. This may sound a bit theoretical, but what does it mean in practice? Nothing else than that the idea of international understanding, appreciation, respect and tolerance are central components of all KS-plus projects. Instead of pointing this out demonstratively, we find lived practice in the individual projects much more effective. In this way we can avoid a feeling of paternalism that is otherwise so common. Nobody wants such a feeling if you are honest. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter whether it is intentionally conveyed as a characteristic of perceived superiority or whether it results unintentionally from well-intentioned helpfulness.

A new Story of the People

A remarkable compilation on this topic from sustainablehuman.tv (external link):

If projects of international understanding and tolerance are to be successful, you have to be patient yourself. Those who do not have them will learn them – or look for another field of activity. Unfortunately, “well meant” is not always “well done”. It would be a pity if all efforts did not bear fruit because of this supposed trifle. The result would be frustration, averting – a real disservice for mankind. Therefore a flaming plea for international understanding and tolerance. Yes, please, as much as possible ! Not as an end in itself, but integrated into daily life, as an attitude towards life. The effort is worth it.