• In November 2017 the installation of photovoltaics on existing roofs in Kirpal Sagar was started. The aim is to cover about 50% of the annual electricity requirement. In the course of 2018, the target is 700 kWp. Currently, we continue to collect for the installation of solar panels on the Academy and its boarding school as well as on other buildings.

2017 were carried out and completed:

  • Completion of the upgrading of the gas pipelines started in 2016 (biogas from reactor to kitchens)*
  • Participation in acquisition costs of a photovoltaic plant on the roofs of Kirpal Sagar

*= by members of KS-plus prior to its foundation in 2017


    • Wastewater treatment is currently a major issue in Kirpal Sagar. The common systems like 3-chamber plants have their weaknesses in the rainy season because they are difficult to protect against flooding. At the moment, alternatives and additions are being sought with high pressure. KS-plus already supports and collects for the implementation.