In Kirpal Sagar there are many workshops where people are trained. The range goes from electrician to plumber, from gardener to locksmith, from bricklayer to mechanic for cars, trucks and agricultural machinery.

School and boarding schools are supplied by the canteen kitchen, waiters work in the refectory, the boarding school needs caretakers and cleaning staff. In the hospital, the school and the central administration there are office workers.

Last but not least, agriculture with its manifold aspects (cereal cultivation, dairy farming, horticulture, cultivation of medicinal plants and mushrooms, composting) offers many educational opportunities.

Hundreds of people have been trained over the years. Many of them went into business for themselves afterwards and can now feed their families. Kirpal Sagar can be proud of it. It acts as a multiplier of knowledge and skills, not only training for its own needs.

In the next step a dual education is being established. The need is large, there are nevertheless many humans, who do not have locked school education. In the future, they will be given extra-occupational instruction in order to obtain a degree. There is currently another school in Punjab where this offer has been approved by the school authorities.