Welcome to KS-plus,

the friends and supporters of Kirpal Sagar’s charitable activities.

Schulsanitäterin zeigt, wie man den Kopf bei der Beatmung richtig überstreckt
Academy: international First-Aid-Workshop
Lehramtsstudentinnen am KS College of Education: Seminar
future teachers at B.Ed. College
11. Klasse der Academy, Biologieunterricht
Academy: lesson in biology
Musikgruppe der Kirpal Sagar Academy bei einem Schulfest, Harmonium, Trommeln, Schlagzeug, Xylofon
traditional instruments
Im OP des Kirpal Sagar Charitable Hospital
medical help for underprivilegded persons
passing devices
Reisernte mit der Hand
rice harvest in swampy fields
mobile Solaranlage in Betrieb
mobile solar plant for water pump
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Kirpal Sagar is situated in India and stands for

* tolerance and interculture dialogue and empathy,
* education and culture,
* social engagement,
* help for those in need,
* sustainable agriculture and environmental protection.

that’s what people who are close to this place are committed to all over the world, and KS-plus is part of them.