ISBN 978-3-948764-13-5 Kirpal Sagar annual report 2019 PDF

The brochure Kirpal Sagar of KS-plus e.V. gives an overview of all activities in the field of charity, charitable work and sustainability that have taken place in Kirpal Sagar in 2019 – without claiming to be complete.

Now briefly to the contents of the brochure. After an excursion into the history of the place, the reader learns that on the occasion of the 125th birthday of the founder an extensive programme took place in Kirpal Sagar in February. Life in India is very holistic. There is hardly any aspect that is not integrated into religious life and closely interwoven with it, especially in the field of charity. So there is no getting around religion. If this is so, then the best way to achieve a broad consensus is to concentrate on what unites us and to live appreciation in practice. The brochure gives a first impression of how such a concept of common ground is implemented in Kirpal Sagar. This is followed by news from the field of renewable energy, preservation of cultural heritage, news from the hospital and the schools, vocational training. Agriculture, with new approaches to counteracting the increasing drought and soil depletion, also takes up a lot of space in 2019.