ISBN 978-3-948764-18-0 Kirpal Sagar annual report 2020 PDF

The brochure Kirpal Sagar of KS-plus e.V. gives an overview of all activities in the field of charity, charitable work and sustainability that have taken place in Kirpal Sagar in 2020 – without claiming to be complete.

Now briefly to the contents of the brochure. After an excursion into the history of the place, the reader learns what took place in Kirpal Sagar in 2020 despite the difficulties caused by the COVID pandemic. In February, the inter-religious conference with medical and cartitational program, which is already firmly anchored in the annual schedule, could still be held without minimum distance, mouth protection and access restrictions. As early as March, relief packages containing food and basic necessities for the surrounding area were packed and distributed. Structurally the time was used above all for repairs and improvements, so also at the Academy, the boarding school, the library, the Sarovar. The joint project of Freyung High School and Kirpal Sagar Academy gained momentum. In agriculture the conceptual improvements of the last year proved to be very fruitful. A photo gallery documents the last 35 years, followed by the outlook for the next time.